Meet the Artist

Hi, I'm Tracie (formerly known as Kohola Kai Creative) and I am an artist and a naturalist specializing in marine mammals.

My artwork in inks and mixed media is driven by a life-long love for the ocean and all its inhabitants. With experience working in the marine eco-tourism industry, volunteering for ocean conservation causes and working as an art teacher I am grateful to have a lot of inspiration to draw from.

My artwork is one way I hope to advocate for ocean conservation. We are all connected to the ocean in one way or another- after all, the ocean is the source of most of the air we breathe! Through my work, I hope to help people recognize the importance of protecting marine species, and to gain an appreciation for ocean wildlife.

Art for Ocean Advocacy

Part of proceeds on art prints are donated to ocean conservation efforts. See each listing for details, and see the donations to date on the Giving Back page!