100 Reasons Project - Fin Whale

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100 Reasons Project - Fin Whale

Species no. 3 of the revamped #100reasonsproject is the one of the largest creatures in the world- the fin whale.

Second largest to the blue whale, fin whales are huge and have gorgeous chevron patterns across their body that are visible from an aerial view. The IUCN lists them as a vulnerable species. 

fin whale art by kohola kai creative
Fin whale populations around the world were depleted by commercial whaling in the 20th century; thankfully they commercial whaling has stopped for the most part. Their global population trend is now increasing, but they still face an array of threats including vessel collision, entanglement in fishing gear and hunting (in some countries). 

Hundreds of thousands of whales, dolphins die from entanglement in commercial fishing gear each year. Here in California, one of the most common whale entanglements occurs when whales swim through lines that attach buoys to crab pots at the sea floor. Unable to disentangle themselves, fishing gear often becomes stuck on them making it difficult to swim and feed. Overtime, some entanglements can even become so tight and heavy that they detach fins or flukes from the whale’s body. The true cost of seafood is quite heartbreaking. 

Large cargo and tanker vessels travel that across oceans also pose a threat to fin whales and other baleen whales. Even if the vessel operators sight a whale, it is often too late to stop or maneuver away- sadly resulting in collision. 

help save fin whales
Marine animals face more human-caused threats than ever. With this project, my goal is to raise awareness for 100 threatened marine species and inspire people to help protect them.
Hope you will follow along with this project- there are 97 species to go! 

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