100 Reasons Project - Green Sea Turtle

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100 Reasons Project - Green Sea Turtle

Species no. 2 of the revamped #100ReasonsProject is the Green Sea Turtle.

Green sea turtles are classified as an endangered species. These turtles face a multitude of threats from the time they are in eggs through adulthood. These turtles are affected by human activity such as plastic pollution, hunting (in some countries), loss of nesting grounds and even light pollution. When turtles hatch, they instinctively move toward light, which would be the ocean if bright city lights didn’t exist. Those of you that have seen Blue Planet II probably saw a graphic example of what happens in that case...

Plastic pollution is a huge threat for these turtles. They often fall victim to being caught as bycatch in fishing gear. They sometimes also ingest trash that is floating around. Younger turtles often mistake plastic bags and mylar balloons for their prey, as they resemble sea jellies and hydrozoans. Sadly, those can end up being their last meal. 

Marine animals are facing more human-caused threats now than ever before. With this project, my goal is to raise awareness for 100 threatened marine species- 100 reasons to care!

Hope you will follow along with this project- there are 98 species to go! Swipe to check out some calls to action on - if you have more ideas on how to help, share them in a comment below.

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