100 Reasons Project - Southern Resident Killer Whales

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100 Reasons Project - Southern Resident Killer Whales

The 4th feature in my #100reasonsproject are the Southern Resident Killer Whales. 

Orca are not endangered as a species, but this specific fish-eating population of 75 individuals is critically endangered due to loss of primary prey: chinook salmon. These salmon in turn are in decline because dams in the lower snake river hinder their ability to complete the reproductive cycle.

The hydropower these dams produce has been largely sourced out elsewhere, giving them little purpose to us humans. Breaching these dams is the key way to let salmon recover and let these orca have enough to eat. 
Call and write to the politicians and ask that the 4 lower Snake River dams be breached - PNW Protectors has a great action guide on their website

Sea animals now face more human caused threats than ever. I hope you will follow along with this #100reasonsproject where artwork is created for 100 threatened and endangered marine species. Upcoming pieces will be posted on instagram and facebook for easy sharing to spread awareness, as well as here on the blog!

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