3 Ways to Help Protect Dolphins

3 Ways to Help Protect Dolphins

September marks the start of the 6-month long drive hunt season in Taiji Japan. Dolphins are caught and sold to aquariums and brutally killed in this tiny town during this season- an old, cruel and unnecessary practice which are attracted international attention.

As the season begins, there are things you can do to help protect dolphins!

1. Don't Support Captive Facilities

The dolphin drive hunts have very close ties to the captivity trade. Dolphinariums, marine parks and aquariums that keep dolphins and whales in tanks have histories with the cruel drive hunts. While some facilities no longer purchase wild-caught dolphins, killer whales and belugas they greatly influence the ones that do. Particularly the recent boom of marine parks in Russia, China and parts of Asia.

2. Donate Time or Money to Ric O'Barry's Dolphin Project

Since 2003, the Dolphin Project is the only organization that documents the full seasons in a non-abrasive manner and shares it with the world. Volunteer as a Cove Monitor and be on the scene with the Dolphin Project team in Taiji or support their Cove Monitor program (and the Dolphin Project's other campaigns) by donating directly or by using Amazon Smile!

3. Be Respectful

Growing up with Japanese culture and spending a lot of time in Japan, it is easy to see that the culture of Japan is one that values the group (as opposed to the self). It is important to be courteous, timely and respectful interacting with other people on a day to day basis. In terms of the drive hunts, it is very important to utilize that same respect. Spreading hate speech, and bothering or disrupting their activities can do more harm than good. It is important to remember that it is only a handful of men that carry out the hunts, not the whole country of Japan. In fact, many citizens of the country do not even know that these activities are happening. 


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