5 Easy Ways to Help Save the Ocean

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5 Easy Ways to Help Save the Ocean

Currently, the ocean and all its creatures face more human-caused threats than ever. There are easy things we can all do to help protect them.

Start today!

Plastic trash washed up on the beach being cleaned up

1. Ditch Plastics

Avoid plastic single-use items like straws, bags, utensils, ballons, coffee cups, food packaging and soda and water bottles. Go for the re-usable alternatives!

Take it a step further and avoid short-term plastics like toothbrushes, hair brushes, shampoo and soap bottles and synthetic clothing (nylon, polyester, etc.) Go for the plastic free alternatives like bamboo hari and tooth brushes, non-synthetic clothing, soap bars and shampoo bars. 

2. Be Wary of Seafood

While the sheer size of the ocean is huge, its resources are finite. The food that comes from the sea is wildlife. Commercial fisheries, as well as illegal, unregulated and unreported fishing have negatively affected many eco-systems around the world. Out of those, large-scale fisheries additionally take a huge amount bycatch- unintended catch that can include dolphins, whales, turtles, sharks, sea birds, seals, sea lions, rays and untargeted fish. The true cost of seafood can be much more devastating than it may seem. Avoid commercially caught seafood. If you do choose to eat seafood, do some research and ask questions to make sure it is sustainable.

3. Spread the Word

Communication is a powerful tool. Start conversations about ocean related issues in your families, communities, classrooms and on social media. Take it a step further and speak up to local politicians and representatives!

4. Donate or Volunteer

Donate your time or money to dedicated organizations- there are many! Whether its helping in person at beach clean ups, counting animals on a census, rescuing sea lions, translating or helping with online campaigns, there are many opportunities to help out. Some of the organizations in the resource list below have such opportunities.

5. Petitions

Keep an eye out for petitions to sign and share. Some of the conservations groups in the list below have petitions!

Resources for more info and calls-to-action

Keiko Conservation

Nakawe Project

Mission Blue

Ric O'Barry's Dolphin Project

Balloons Blow

One Ocean Conservation

Project Kolika 

PNW Protectors

Orca Network

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