A Mother's Grief

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A Mother's Grief

J35, or Tahlequah, is a 20-year-old member of J Pod- part of the gravely endangered Southern Resident Killer Whale population. She has made international headlines, grieving the loss of her newborn calf in what may be the longest recorded grieving behavior in cetaceans. Just absolutely heartbreaking...

These animals are capable of complex emotions, they may not be as different from us as we think. 

Tahlequah’s pod has not seen a successful birth in 3 years. Between this pod and the two others in the populations there are only 75 members left. Their greatest threat is a lack of food source (chinook salmon) which is greatly affected by the lower snake river dams. Time is running out for them. Please speak up for them- start conversations and call Washington state’s governor Inslee!!

Check out the following organizations for resources and calls to action: 

Center For Whale Research

Orca Network

PNW Protectors

Searching for Chinook

Coextinction Film

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