New Release: Sharks of the World!

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New Release: Sharks of the World!

Sharks are some of the most misunderstood animals alive today. The word "shark" often invokes fear. Although there are about 500 species known today, there are only a handful that pose any threat to humans. 

The greater concern is the danger humans pose to sharks. As vital players in the marine ecosystem, sharks are necessary for healthy oceans. They face more threats and overfishing than ever before, and are more seriously threatened with extinction that any other major group of vertebrate animals. 

My new "Sharks of the World" illustration is a collection of some of the most unique looking and well-known sharks, including: a whale shark, white shark, basking shark, thresher shark, tiger shark, hammerhead shark and more. I have created some tees and poster prints of this design. 

Please keep an open mind with sharks! They need our respect, not our fear.

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