Time for Change

Time for Change

After much consideration, I’ve decided to change my art alias!

Kohola Kai Creative name change

I started Kohola Kai Creative in 2015, and at the time I didn’t really have a clear direction. I knew my passion for the ocean, and channeling it through creative outlets was what I wanted to do but I hadn’t quite narrowed it down. I was creating handmade jewelry, painting and drawing in various mediums, and sharing some adventures from working marine eco-tourism in Southern California. Over time, I became much more dedicated to traditional artwork. Over the past few years I feel that this has become much more solidified. 

With this evolution, I feel that the “Kohola Kai Creative” name doesn’t really reflect me as an individual, hence I felt the need to change it!

I understand that there may be some level of confusion for those that may be looking for my work, so over the next several months I will work on phasing in the name change on various platforms and setting up forwarding between the old and new websites. If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to reach out!

Thank you for staying with me on this journey. I am looking forward to new adventures and new creations.


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