100 Reasons Fin Whale Postcard Print

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The fin whale is the second largest creature on the planet- second only to the blue whale. Despite their massive size (up to 70'), they face a major threat from fishing gear. Whales sometimes get entangled in nets and lines, which affect their ability to swim, breathe and feed. Unfortunately entanglement can be fatal.
This piece was the 3rd feature in the 100 Reasons Project; an art project illustrating 100 threatened or endangered marine species.

These mini prints can be used as post cards. They are also frame-able for unique home decor.


  • Printed on A6 Post card size (4" x 6") high grade recycled matte paper with high quality inks
  • Lined on the back for writing a note and placing a postage stamp
  • Frame ready, fits 4x6 frames
  • Free US shipping by letter mail if purchased alone or with other stickers/small prints