Kohola Kai Creative to Tracie Megumi Art

Hi, I'm Tracie. I am a life long artist, marine mammal naturalist and just a general ocean nerd.

I initially created artwork under "Kohola Kai Creative," using the name to unify my ocean-inspired creative outlets. I started Kohola Kai Creative in 2015, and at the time I didn’t really have a clear direction. I knew my passion for the ocean, and channeling it through creative outlets was what I wanted to do but I hadn’t quite narrowed it down. I started by creating handmade jewelry on Etsy, painting and drawing in various mediums, and sharing some adventures from working marine eco-tourism in Southern California. Over time, I became much more dedicated to ink artwork and over the past few years I feel that has become much more solidified. With this evolution, I feel that the “Kohola Kai Creative” name doesn’t really reflect me as an individual, and why I decided to shift my title.

My artwork in inks and mixed media is driven by a life-long love for the ocean and all its inhabitants. With experience working in the marine eco-tourism industry, volunteering for ocean conservation causes and teaching as a children's art mentor I am grateful to have a lot of inspiration to draw from.

pilot whale Tracie Megumi art

My artwork is one way I hope to advocate for ocean conservation, raising awareness about various issues such as climate change, over-fishing, shark finning and. dolphin captures for the captive trade. We are all connected to the ocean in one way or another- after all, the ocean is the source of most of the air we breathe!

Through my work, I hope to help people recognize the importance of protecting marine species, and to gain an appreciation for ocean wildlife. Hope you will join me in this journey!


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