Orca Spyhop Postcard Print

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What is spyhopping? A spyhop is when a whale lunges vertically, and puts their head out of the water in order to look around above water. Quite a spectacular thing to see while whale watching- they may be spyhopping to look at you! 
These wild whales never cease to fascinate us humans with their curiosity and intelligence. Killer whales are the inspiration behind much of my artwork!

These mini prints can be used as post cards. They are also frame-able for unique home decor. 


  • Printed on A6 Post card size (4" x 6") high grade recycled matte paper with high quality inks
  • Lined on the back for writing a note and placing a postage stamp
  • Frame ready, fits 4x6 frames
  • Free US shipping by letter mail if purchased alone or with other stickers/small prints


Part of proceeds on the Orca Spyhop Postcard Print will be donated to Orca Network to help with their awareness and conservation efforts.