Whale Shark Wood Sticker

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  • 4” in length
  • 1/32" engraved cherry wood 
  • 3M adhesive backing, and flexible along the grain- they stick really well to almost all surfaces
  • Each sticker has a natural wood pattern, no two stickers have the exact same wood pattern
  • They can withstand some water exposure, but they are best kept in dry environments.

After learning more about the environmentally harmful components of vinyl stickers and other conventional stickers, I am on the search stickers options that have a lower impact on the environment. Wood stickers are one option. If bought alone or with other stickers, this item will be shipped in a small stamped envelope - FREE US shipping!

These stickers are printed by The Wooden Pin, using wood sourced from sustainable forests in the US. 


Part of the proceeds on the whale shark sticker will be donated to Nakawe Project and benefit shark conservation efforts.